Tuesday , May 28 2024

MYVEGAS LUCKY LIFE – LUCKY來了~ Coupon Code Redemption Guide

New feature available now! You can now get Chips and more with coupon codes! Download or upgrade “myVEGAS Lucky Life” to version 2.7 or above from the App Store to enable this feature. Easy! playluc.ky/luckyeng
Just a few steps to follow:
Step 1: You can find the coupon icon from the menu on the top right-hand corner. Tap this button.
Step 2: The ‘Offer Redemption’ dialog will appear.
Step 3: Please enter the coupon code that you have in the white box.
Step 4: Tap ‘Validate’ after entering the coupon code. If the coupon code you have is valid, you will be informed of how much you have received.
Step 5: Tap ‘Collect now’ and the Chips will added into your account.
Note: Coupons codes will expire and/or be of limited quantity. These will display an error message if you attempt to redeem them.
Tip: Please always connect to Facebook. This will save your valuable Level, Chips, Loyalty Points and Lucky Tickets progress in “myVEGAS Lucky Life”. If you do not and uninstall your game, all of your progress will be lost and we will not be able to retrieve it for you. Download and Play “myVEGAS Lucky Life” now! playluc.ky/luckyeng

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