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myVEGAS Mobile Slot Strategy

myVEGAS Mobile Slot Strategy

In myVEGAS Mobile Slots, your biggest task to keep on spinning the slots to gain enough experience. With higher levels, you can gain loyalty points and collect more free chips. Follow the betting table listed to spin your slot machines.

In general, it is better to use the minimum bet consistently because you can get more turnover from the same stack of chips. However, as your chip stack grows, your job is to adjust your bet accordingly.

Never ever play any slot machines without an active quest going. Focus on using the least amount of chips to complete each of the quest. For collection quests, go for the quest that require “higher” number of items. This may seem counter intuitive, but the chance is that you can complete the “higher” number ones much faster because they are more common.

Do all of your dailies and collect the chips as much as you can. If you do decide to purchase chips with real currency, pick a time where MyVegas is running a promotion that gives better than 500% bonus chips.

Sources of Free Chips

To excel and advance through the game of MyVegas, you will need sufficient bankroll to make that happen. Use all the chances that you have to grab the free chips that the game has to offer.

It should be noted that these free chips are rewarded based on your level. So this means that the higher level you are, the more chips that you can earn by collecting daily.

Daily Spin: The Daily Spin is activated once every 22 hours. Your goal is to never miss a day of login bonus so that you can gain the most amount of chips.

Free Chips Collect: You can collect free chips based on your level every 4 hours. Although the amount of chips that you can earn via this method is not that much, by hitting at least 3~4 collection per day, you can add a small stack to your MyVegas game money.

Game Money Management Strategy

Managing your pile of chips is key to level up faster in the long run for the game. The key is to gain enough experience points before you blow up your roll. In general, you will lose your stacks over the long run, with the exception of hitting jackpots or huge wins.

In general, you want to have enough chips for 500 spins at least to even out the peak and troughs of your lucky spins. Below is a break down of the betting strategy based on your stack.

The only exception to this rule is when you are working on the quests. Sometimes if the quests require you to do BET MAX, your best spin will be go for those spins and wish for luck.

60 Bet = 0-30000 Chip Stack
150 Bets = 30000 – 75000 Chip Stack
200 Bets = 75k-100k Chip
300 Bets = 100k-150k Chip
600 Bets = 150k-300k Chips
1500 Bets = 300k-750k Chips
3000 Bets = 750k-1.5m Chips
6000 Bets = 1.5m-3m Chips

How to Complete Quests Much Easier

MyVegas Mobile Slots have a few types of quests available for you. We will list out them to provide you with some valid strategies to complete all the MyVegas mobile quests much easier.

Before we discuss any of these in detail. We should note that these quest usually require you to finish the actions with specific slot games. Some quests require you to complete all the actions for all slot games listed. For this situation, pick the slots that suit your bank roll first, starting from the highest possible rolls. The reason is that you can potentially gain quest pieces while spinning your chips optimally.

To make sure that your spins are counting toward quest requirement, the successful spins should show a little “pop” at the stars to the right. In addition, the stars to the right should be lighted up.

1. Collect Quests
Collect quests can be divided into two different types – collecting specific slot pieces, or collecting specific type of wins with the pieces. The key is to use the minimum bet so that you complete these collect quests using the least amount of chips.
It should be noted that “free spins” count toward this quests. So it means for the slot machines that let you choose between free spin or money, you should always go for highest number of free spins for the free quest collections.

2. Win x Amount of Chips
Pass the quest by winning x amount of chips. The chips that you earn through bonus game and free spin is usually included for the quest fulfillment.

3. Gain x Amount of experience points
You gain experience points when you spend x amount of chips per spin. If you are low in stack, just do the minimum bets so that you can pass the quest.

4. Win x number of BET MAX
The BET MAX quest of MyVegas is always tricky and hard, especially when your bank roll is low. This is mainly the reason why we recommend going miminum bet for all the other quests, so that you have money to burn for the BET MAX quests.

5. Earn x amount of Loyalty Points
The Loyal Points (LP) quests can be timed, because you know exactly when that you will gain the LP. This means that you can go back to MyStrip, and activate the LP quests when you are about to trigger the Loyal Points gain.

Free Spin Activation Strategy
The Free Spins for most of the slots is based on the average spins that you have done from your last “free spin”. This is true for all the slots that let you “collect” free spin pieces such as the Excalibur.

This means that there is no point in trying to increase your bet to max, before you know that you might hit the Free Spin soon. However, one valid strategy is to bet big first, and once your bank roll drops lower, switch to the smaller bets which can trigger free spin later.

Slot Bonus Game Tips
The bonus games act a little different than the free spin. Most of the bonus games use your last spin amount as the base for the chip earning power. This does not mean anything, other than the fact that you should not deviate.

Slot Game Information
Bonus Game Type: Wheel Spin, Pick 3 + Multiplier

New York New York
Bonus Game Type: Wheel Spin, Pick till Bust

Glee Musketeers
Bonus Game Type: Fruit Slice

Bonus Game Type: Wheel Spin, Pick till Bust

Frontier Fortune
Bonus Game Type: Hi Lo

Pirate Cover:
Bonus Game Type: Wheel Spin

Bonus Game Type: Climb Pyramid

Monster Maniac:
Bonus Game Type: Coffin Pick, Wheel Spin

Welcome Betrock:
Bonus Game Type: None

Reel Chef
Bonus Game Type: Pizza War, Pick Dish

Betrock N Roll
Bonus Game Type: Craps

Around the World in 80 Plays:
Bonus Game Type: Hidden Object

Bonus Game Type: Missile Defense

MGM Grand:
Bonus Game Type: Musical Beat

China Mystery:
Bonus Game Type: Free Spin or Take Chips Deal
Note: I found this strategy a few months ago. If you are the author please let me know so I can give you credit.