Friday , April 16 2021

Las Vegas Travel Guide 2019: Shops, Restaurants, Casinos, Attractions & Nightlife in Las Vegas, Nevada (City Travel Guide 2019)

The places found in this book are the most positively reviewed and recommended by locals and travelers. 2,100 places listed and organized in five groups. “TOP 500 SHOPS” 132 Store Categories. “TOP 500 RESTAURANTS” 101 Cuisine Types. “TOP 200 CASINOS” Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, Bingo Rooms, Poker Rooms. “TOP 400 ATTRACTIONS” Parks, Museums, Art Galleries, Botanical Gardens, Stadiums, Cinemas, Music Venues, Performing Arts, Cultural Centers, Tours. “TOP 500 NIGHTLIFE SPOTS” Lounges, Bars, Pubs, Gay Bars, Hookah Bars, Latin Bars, Sports Bars, Karaoke, Comedy Clubs, Jazz & Blues, Nightclubs, Adult Entertainment and many more options to visit, relax and enjoy your stay.

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