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POP!Slots Free Chips 7/30/2017

POP!Slots Free Chips 7/30/2017



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  1. Honestly, why even give codes? Everytime they say it’s expired or something. There is millions of chips, I’m not able too get, cause of this. Everytime

  2. it’s 4:51pm ET on July 31st Here..
    July30 link just gave me 500,000 chips
    July 29 link jsut gave me 1,000,000 chips

  3. This is wat it says,

    Webpage not available

    The webpage at bigcasino://play?&coupon=RPOP_500K_July29 could not be loaded because:


  4. bigcasino ?? looks like something is happening to the link when you click on it.

    unfortuantely we are just providing them and verified the above two links work a day after we posted them.