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POP!Slots Free Chips

POP!Slots Free Chips 7/8/2018

** please note that there have been problems from some people clicking the links and them being expired. at the time of this posting, I personally verified all of these links were working.  This was on an iPhone7 and I closed the app after collecting each link.



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  1. All worked just fine on a Samsung Tab A

  2. jerome chevance

    Galaxy note 8 le 1er expiré le 2eme ok et tout le reste j ai collecté mais ça ne ma pas ajouté les jetons ….. donc pour moi uniquement le 2eme à fonctionné dommage merci tout de même 😜

  3. Il n’y en a aucun qui s’ajoute à mon crédit…🤔🤔😢😢

  4. I clicked on the links they work but haven’t added to my chips so bit gutted about that please help

  5. Same here click on links shows chips but doesnt add to my total this game is getting old n a rip off buy all kinds tgen when you loose those the free ones dont even work somebody should start a petittion on getting this game removed from google play store the tech support or lack of should be enough to have it removed game just a rip off

  6. Jessica Hickman

    I come to the links everyday to try to collect. Most of them say expired. Very few show chips, but won’t add to my existing chips. It acts like it’s adding but my total doesn’t move. I close the app out every time I open a new link as well. It’s JUNK!

  7. Do me the same way it’s a sanner.

  8. So just like your keep scanner people so what if I did say it again and again and again. So now I know that your know that your already know it a scanner.

  9. I spend $100.00 every 2 weeks and the last week I couldn’t even hit a jackpot and can’t win anything pls look into it and help me please ty

  10. Thank you!!

  11. Ya know, for me, these free chips links are pretty much hit or miss. But what erks the hell outta me….¿ all these people who claim to be adults(Grown-ups) are constantly whining and crying and bitching and moaning, saying that screwed them outta receiving free chips for a free,no real money gambled with freaking animated pretend slot game. I mean seriously folks, forget all these sites with free chips links like Facebook or Twitter or gifts4gamers….in the pop slots game itself u get a bonus erry 2 hours and a big daily bonus. First of all, its a free pretend slots game! Secondly…stop acting like a buncha greedy immature spoiled lil brats. I know children that are way more appreciative towards things that are way way less significant and and they get nothing, no freebies, jus entertainment. This is the problem with the world (well, America anyways) the men are no longer men, they’re a buncha spoiled immature softies that get all but hurt cuz their free chips links don’t work for them. WAAAAH! Man up and stop freaking complaining. Be grateful for the pure,FREE entertainment pop slots provides. Actually, put the fone down or close the laptops or tablets AND GET A LIFE…….. L O S E R S 😉