Saturday , December 15 2018
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POP!Slots Free Chips

POP!Slots Free Chips 4/1/2018

RPOP_700K_MAR29CM >>
RPOP_500K_MAR29CM >>


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POP!Slots Free Chips

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  1. April 1, 2018
    Must be an April Fools joke because all links say that the chips have expired.

  2. All of them worked for me!

  3. Wow. Always expired. Days at a time. Dudes update daily or you just waste peoples time.

  4. All worked for me on this one and on previous days.

  5. These links work for me every time. Even when im 3 days late. So… Its not the links, its either you or a technical issue on your end causing issues.

  6. Anyone know of any other sites with free coins?

  7. Thanks for the free chips

  8. Wow!! Worked like a charm… glad I found this thread

  9. I got 5 of em just now 4/4 2018

  10. Rite they say expired?. Not even 3 /5 hrs later!..

  11. These are from Facebook you nubs. You can’t claim the same one twice