Tuesday , September 25 2018
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POP!Slots Free Chips

POP!Slots Free Chips 3/15/2018

RPOP_500K_MAR15CM >> http://bit.ly/2GpQNf7
RPOP_700K_MAR15CM >> http://bit.ly/2HA0bfM

RPOP_700K_MAR14CM >> http://bit.ly/2DpvbN1
RPOP_500K_MAR14CM >> http://bit.ly/2pc0mqV

RPOP_700K_MAR13CM >> http://bit.ly/2DoPjyV
RPOP_500K_MAR13CM >> http://bit.ly/2p8bCnX

RPOP_700K_MAR12CM >> http://bit.ly/2pcoPvb
RPOP_500K_MAR12CM >> http://bit.ly/2DnA20X


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POP!Slots Free Chips

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  1. Why is it that just late last night they were posted but now at 6:37am they are expired that is ridiculous

  2. Thanks! They always seem to work for me! 👍

  3. Dude, fix your links already, Jesus Jumpin Christ. Every one of them are expired, almost a week for posts, and still half of nothing? Makes me wanna punt a dog….. zynga isnt even this bad 😂😂 get it together already you damn hippie

  4. Amanda Beth Reed

    I cant get this to work…. ugh

  5. Every single link worked for me just now. Thanks! Folks, remember to explicitly close your app each time you redeem one. Otherwise it will keep saying expired!

  6. Melinda Eddlemon

    They’re all bullshit! Never had even one worked for me! And yes I closed the app first! Total BS!