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How Many myVEGAS Rewards Can You Use Each Trip?

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    MGM/Mlife Casinos currently allow you to use three rewards in a rolling thirty day period. This is for the use of the reward, not when you purchase or book them. You will only be able to use three MGM/Mlife rewards while you are in Las Vegas. The mysterious and arcane chip purchasing program may allow you to earn more rewards per trip.

    MGM/Mlife now only allows one hotel room reward per trip.

    “For purposes of this reward policy, the date “redeemed” is the date you actually “use” the reward – the day you check in to the hotel, have your meal, and/or see your show”

    The House of Blues, Wolfgang Puck, and Las Vegas Monorail currently have no limit other than the standard myVEGAS “one of each” rule.

    Station Casino limits are listed on their rewards.

    More detail can be found at the official MyVEGAS site here:

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