Thursday , July 18 2019
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POP!Slots Free Chips

POP!Slots Free Chips 5/9/2019

RPOP_2M_idfxncf_CM >>
RPOP_1M_instgaoxncf_CM >>
RPOP_1M_ijsdncoem_CM >>
RPOP_1M_opiemegao9_CM >>
RPOP_2M_poieurncps_CM >>
RPOP_1M_megawinpsi8_CM >>
RPOP_1M_serouij7c_CM >>


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  1. Brendalyn Cayabyab

    These never work for my phone. It tells me how much free chips I’m getting but doesn’t add it to my chip amount. It’s weird.

    • I have the same issue no point in commenting on ere they never reply back.. I always use Facebook popslot always receive chips there.. Popslot have stated though!!! IF I COLLECT CHIPS OF ERE I CAN’T COLLECT AGAIN OFF F/B THEY WILL NOT ALLOW IT.
      I agree with them TBH.. ANYWAY GOOD LUCK.