Tuesday , September 25 2018
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POP!Slots Free Chips

POP!Slots Free Chips 4/9/2018

RPOP_1M4K_APR9CM >> https://bit.ly/2HnKhX0
RPOP_1M_APR9CM >> https://bit.ly/2GN4WlU
RPOP_2M_APR8CM >> https://bit.ly/2Eks35o
RPOP_4M_APR8CM >> https://bit.ly/2HfS7l8
RPOP_4M_APR7CM >> https://bit.ly/2HeeeZk
RPOP_2M_APR7CM >> https://bit.ly/2GCvvKE


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  1. Why does it always say expired?..when you just posted them 4/7-4/9..?..
    Never fails…

    • Its because they only post them every 4 days so by time u get them they r old a lot of the codes last 24 hours that’s why I use another site but it would be sweet if they would lost them daily then they would always work and every one would love it but I’m not seeing no time soon but I will keep my fingers crowded

  2. What is the point of the codes if they never work

  3. They always work for me. Thanks

  4. I clicked on all the links, it didn’t work. I even went in and out of the game and the coins go to the top each time but none of them Had added them to my balance. Does anybody know what’s wrong?

    • HVE u closed yr app??try that if not go to any other links uve not had see if still same. It did it with me I uninstalled and reinstalled again try that. If all others fail.

      • Hi. Thanks for the info. I stopped the app. It still did the same thing. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and click the link and it still doing the same thing. Any other suggestions that I could do? I really would like to get these chips. Thank you

  5. They always work for me. Thank you!!

  6. Fyi these are the sane links from facebook so if you have used them already then obviously they cant be used again.