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POP!Slots Free Chips

POP!Slots Free Chips 4/24/2018



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POP!Slots Free Chips

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  1. Shame on you tips and tricks, 4/24 and already expired. Waste of time. Dont waste yours on this expired garbage

  2. What’s with your recent antics? Today (4/24) you show links for 19 Million chips. It’s just past 7pm – and other than the first one, for 1M chips, THEY ARE ALL ALREADY EXPIRED! This seems to be your MO for April, because the links have been expired more often than they’ve been functional.

  3. Wtf guys. I have not been able to collect any chips now for 4 days. I used to love you guys but now I think I won’t be playing anymore. Thanks for nothing.

  4. This is not a good place for the links. They never work

  5. Only one worked. Used to be much better. Anyone else know of other websites?

  6. What is going on here. Haven’t been able to collect any at all the whole month of April. EXPIRED. EXPIRED that’s all that comes up.

  7. All month long I think only 2 links have worked for me. I used to be able to collect all BUT 2. This site is useless now.

  8. Seriously used to love this site as all the links worked. Now I go on the DAY OF, and they say expired. What’s going on here.

  9. Jesus stop blaming the site. They post the links that POPSLOTS posts. It isnt their fault they aren’t working anymore. Bitch at Popslots or myvegas

    • I’ve been trying for 2 weeks now and have not been able to get any chips. Site keeps saying it expired. Don’t know what happened to this site it used to be really good.

    • If the site is going to post it they should make sure it works.