Friday , August 7 2020

POP!Slots Free Chips 3/6/2019

RPOP_1M_MAR6_856gs_CM >>
RPOP_1M_MAR6_aASws_CM >>
RPOP_1M4K_MAR5_aaws_CM >>
RPOP_1M_Prize_CM >>


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  1. Karol galatioti

    Why are the links telling me ” sorry expired”?

    • If you are seeing the message that says “Sorry this chip offered has expired” it means:

      1.The chip link you have clicked on is more than 6 days old
      2.You have already collected this offer
      3.Your game is still running in the background
      4.You have a WiFi Firewall that is preventing you from receiving the chips. Turn your Wifi Off and try again

      ***Please note that if you collect chips from any other site (Facebook, POP! Slots Players Lounge, Peoples Gamez Gift Exchange, My Vegas Advisor, or any other site that posts the Free Chip Links) they are considered duplicate links and you will not be able to collect them again.

  2. Bit fed up collecting upto 5 million chips and tgere not being credited disappointing as i used to enjoy this game