Tuesday , September 25 2018
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POP!Slots Free Chips

POP!Slots Free Chips 3/24/2018

RPOP_2M_MAR24CM >> https://bit.ly/2ufizsh
RPOP_1M_MAR24CM >> https://bit.ly/2IKIzPL

RPOP_1M_MAR23CM >> https://bit.ly/2G3qevf

RPOP_2M_MAR22CM >> https://bit.ly/2DTdllS
RPOP_500K_MAR22CM >> https://bit.ly/2IH700e

RPOP_700K_MAR21CM >> http://bit.ly/2G0dsOj

RPOP_700K_MAR20CM >> http://bit.ly/2prnYXD


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POP!Slots Free Chips

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  1. The 2 links for march 20th and 21st for 700k are saying expired. The app is closed on my phone and its not working. I got all but those 2. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  2. Why do they put these on here if i cant get them this is bullshit it says i get them and they dont appear fix this shit

    • It’s not the app your not doing it right.. log out then bk in.. swearing it’s wonder they don’t block u. Talking to them like rubbish.. yr the shit. Get the facts right!!!

  3. No Larry is right even after closing the app they act like they are giving you chips but you never accumulate them

  4. Where r the free chips for today.