Monday , July 6 2020

POP!Slots Free Chips 3/13/2019

RPOP_1M_MAR12_tew_CM >>
RPOP_1M_MAR12_asd5_CM >>
RPOP_1M_MAR12_1d5_CM >>
RPOP_1M4k_MAR11_ko93J_CM >>
RPOP_4M_sdjmar_CM >>
RPOP_1M_MAR11_s03J_CM >>


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  1. I appreciate the chips but it’s increasingly happening that half or more say that my rewards have expired even on the same date

    • If you are seeing the message that says “Sorry this chip offered has expired” it means:

      1.The chip link you have clicked on is more than 6 days old
      2.You have already collected this offer
      3.Your game is still running in the background
      4.You have a WiFi Firewall that is preventing you from receiving the chips. Turn your Wifi Off and try again

      ***Please note that if you collect chips from any other site (Facebook, POP! Slots Players Lounge, Peoples Gamez Gift Exchange, My Vegas Advisor, or any other site that posts the Free Chip Links) they are considered duplicate links and you will not be able to collect them again.

  2. What an absolute joke pop slots is, the free chips give away is a total piss take after all you only get enough for a couple of spins.
    What’s the point when you never win anyway..
    As for the gold coins, what a pointless load of shit idea that was, should be allowed to trade them in for chips not play for a year to get a free drink. Joke

  3. I agree WTH u. The daily bonus of 9mil lasts me not even 20mns the games DNT pay out like they used too! Nd ask for THT FU STAKS thts frigging cr*p. The FU stands 4 F**K U
    😌😱 WHT ALOAD OF OLD B*LL*CKS. Your right about the gold coins I have 38900000 its a great idea WHT u said bwt trading them in. Write to ppslts give them your idea. If ther interested trade Yr idea in for 1billion chips!? Haha lol 😂
    Worth try in asking.

  4. Shannon Williams

    I enjoy and love playing Pop Slot and have never had a problem so far. There are so many types of games with great graphics. I don’t understand why Kevin Frampton or Clare think the app is a joke. You get a good amount of free chips every 2 hrs and they grow into higher as you get into higher levels, also, along with other ways to collect periodically. It’s not that PopSlot isnt giving enough free bonuses. It’s more like, The amount you 2 are bidding is way too high which causes the coins to go faster cause that’s what a lot of people do as they grow higher in levels and/or high in amount a winning coins.. Which in turn, Bidding Higher=Higher Amount of Winnings. Besides all of that, in each room on every level, they have at least one high rolling type game but also, a game that gives great winnings because of the special feature within that particular one. While the other games within same room only pays out very minimal winnings. So, maybe you 2 have gotten too comfortable and just expect super high winning Everytime just because you are bidding high.. That’s the part of gambling. As they say, you got to know when to hold them, and when to fold them, know when to walk away. Lol JS