Friday , December 14 2018
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POP!Slots Free Chips

POP!Slots Free Chips 2/1/2018

RPOP_700K_Feb1CM >>
RPOP_500K_Feb1CM >>
RPOP_700K_Jan31CM >>
RPOP_500K_Jan31CM >>


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  1. All the chips have expired, now what? I am new to this so don’t always understand how to do things

    • You can just wait for your free bonus chips every 2 hours they will be available. Or you can buy them! Last, you can go on facebook and friend Pop Slots on there and then there will be ads down the page . click the code at the bottom of them. Hope I helped have fun GOOD LUCK🎰

  2. The chips are not going in my bank. I never had a problem be4 . Do you have any idea why? An maybe help me fix it.

    • I think it’s because these chip links are the same as the ones on Facebook. Sometimes it says expired link, sometimes it looks like the chips are going into your bank but the total amount doesn’t change. I rarely find any useful links on this site anymore.