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POP!Slots Free Chips

POP!Slots Free Chips 1/6/2016

RPOP_2M_Jan5CM >> http://bit.ly/2CJPV5y


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POP!Slots Free Chips

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  1. The daily chips Will not work I have shut down the app and it still doesn’t work

  2. Expired! I never had issues now nothing but bad links. NOTHING HELPS!!

    • It just worked for me, try closing the app completely after you get them, it’s annoying, but t works for me.

  3. Joseph valenzuela

    Question my girlfriend’s gets extra coins or free play as u will in her email daily for pop slots and I don’t get any emails from pop slots. Was trying to figure out why this is or how I can get this issue resolved, thank you .

    Joseph, v

  4. This time the code was accepted instead of saying it had expired. The animation showed the coins being added, but the balance did not change. The game was not open before I clicked the link. These codes used to work without many failures. Does anyone know the cure for this ? Thanks !

  5. It’s shows me getying the coins bit they never get added or it says they expire. Like dang im always trying to get free coins and i never get them at all it n no e if y’all. Ouls just give me like 100,00,000 to reimburse me for all that I try or lose or get killed out of